I miss you. I guess there isn’t really time for me when your girl thing is home. I wonder if you love her….. Shell never love you like I do.
This is just pathetic. I sit here and let myself sulk because you don’t want me. You made those posts on facebook but were they about me? You don’t really talk to me. You haven’t for a long time. I just want you to be happy.. I just wish I was that. I’m so sad. All the time. Ya know. I let my mind wander for a split second and I want to break down and cry. No matter how much I distract myself with work, friends, drinks, at the end of the night I’m still sad. I’m still laying in bed crying. Even last night snuggling it up half drunk with van I kept wishing it was you. I’m just so fucking pathetic.


~ by lizzardspit on February 18, 2013.

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