Mass post of amazing things Shayne has said to/about me.

In no particular order

  • I’m facintated by you, intrigued by you, I will go as far as saying aroused by you. I knew I’d fall for you. I knew this would happen. I now have motivation to go down south. Maybe I’ll fly you north. Enjoy the dishes. Ps the anon before was not I.
  • your voice gets me high.
  • hey baby girl, missing you like crazy. glad we spoke this morning err… earlier? it made my day
  • she loves vertigo. we’re meeting in florida going to cali for a bit then running away to spain. yeah. i can digg it.
  • i could just sit here forever listening to her. omg.
  • uuughhh i need to be there right now… she’s beautiful. omg.
  • why is she so damn cute… god fucking dammit.
  • LOL I KNOW US IN A GIF. good looks= you. guitar= me. take me dancing= you get me fucked up= me ;] yuuuuusss.
  • wear one of my shirts. they’re almost all collared
  • i have goossenu,ps just thinking of kissin you like i’m all tingly. omg
  • i realy fuckin want to kiss you. and your neck unnnfff
  • =] you’re sane.. you excersize common sence and good judgement. ❤ thank god. one of us has to ;]
  • you’re perfect  (He says this to me at least three times a day.)
  • but, your perfection. it’s just there. boom. fact
  • you’re beautiful we all know this ray charles knows this. and he’s dead and blind.
  • but you on the other hand you’re captivating,  flawless,   brilliant,  you’re unparalleled.
  • i mean personally i’m kinda glad you’re under some strange impression that i’m perfect
  • that was supposed to be a smiley but then turned int to a skype emoticon ew
  • strangely enough things just pop into my head and with you, because i dont really filter myself taht much, it just ocmes out.
  • i wish not to be misrable thou hath not broken me yet ;] sorry multitasking.. or trying to- stalking your tumblr listening ot netflix, sustaining conversation, writing an essay for elizabeethan lit.
  • for sure i’ll be your partner in crime cuddleing and fighting loneliness!
  • yeah it’ wouldn’t stay cuddling for long i feel…
  • you’re so cute, come be cute with me.
  • earlier my lack of a filter shown through once agian while we were texing i said “you dont need a relationship to be loved, cus i’ll always do my best.” and you responded to that part with “you love me?”i gave you a shitty answer and i was pondering that earler. it was kinda out of the blue sorry lol
  • you know this makes me really happy.  just staying up talking wiht you
  • ahah, you’re so damn cute. i know i need to be closer. like in the same bed.
    or room
    or something
  • but i dont want to end oru conversation. i love them so much.
  • but i..
    i want to talk to you still
  • sweet dreams babe. hope tonight wasnt’ *that* bad but judging by how explicit yoru tumblr could have been and was, you mannaged.
  • dont pull that,
    dont down play it
    ellizabeth if it’s a big deal, say it is. recognize how much it pisses you off or whatever. no holding back. not with me.
  • video chat with me
    i want to see your smile
  • ” i love the way she anxiously bits her lip, how she can always find something to talk about, ut is okay with just silence… just how simple this can be, how nice..”
  • ” if i lived anywhere in the same time zone i would’ve been there hours ago”
  • the other half just wants to go to LA and cuddle wit you
  • i’m an asshole and i use the hell out of people. just not you.
  • “i love wat her smile makes me feel, how her eyes capture me. her distint dimplesl her lips and how colaborated traits makes me feel so much
  • hey babe
  • babe i wishi could just up and leave, pick you up, and we could disappear forevver.
  • fuck this shit i’m building a teleporter
  • it’s so strange to crave to know what somoeone’s touch feels like, like how i crave yours. to wonder what your kisses feel like, to want it..
  •  you’re totally right, it’ll drive me insane and i love every second of it
  • im going crazy wanting to know yoru touch, your kiss.  and i love it
  • i dont remember much of my dream. i was in someone’s livng room it felt really familiar but i’ve never been in it before. adn i was on the couch. with my feet on a coffee table and somone came in and started yelling at me for that. so i put them down and decided to sit for awhile and you were there then there was a fire in the fire place the tv was on and that’s all i remember
    it was really pleasant
  • “i have goosebumps thinking about her. this is crazy, time will tell if it’s a good crazy or not. i love this feeling though, i just wish i could be with her, i wish i wasn’t here, and if i were she’d be with me… but i wouldn’t like her here, i dont trust him enough for her to be safe..” a really long unedited though
  • which in turn also makes me feel super vunerable but like i’ve said, i’d trust you with basically my life. i dont know what convinced me
  • “the knot in my thought even though i’m not speaking the loss of words, the stupid grin on my face it’s happening again, but i can already tell it’s not gona be anna again… i think she could, but i dont thitnk she would”
  • lol you should take valium when you drive…
  • LOL  calm down babygirl
  • i adore you, so much.

And this is just tumblr and skype. You should see all the cute texts I wake up to. A boy has captured my heart.

To be continued…


~ by lizzardspit on June 12, 2012.

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