My mother just shamed me for filling out college applications before I did my chores. :I Then she tried to tell me I don’t contribute or take care of my pets. Really.. Because I’m pretty sure I buy all the food and shit for my Guinea Pigs with the tiny amount of money that she gives me. I’m also quite sure I clean her house weekly. She wants to stop giving me money, mind you she only gives me $34 a month. I mean that’s cool you don’t have to give me anything but don’t complain when I never get out of the house because I don’t have money to put gas in your car and I can’t afford to buy my own. Don’t bitch when I’m out of personal care products and need your help to get them. Don’t complain when the animals are out of food and you have to buy it. I’ve been looking for a job. You complain about that too. First you say I need to find a job but then you complain that I’d have to use your car. And now that the car is broken I can’t even look any more because I won’t have a way to work.
Please tell me again that cleaning your house is more important that me trying to take care of myself and get out of this shit hole.
Try once more to tell me that I don’t contribute and I’ll stop.
I’m tired of this shit. I’m tired of being treated like shit by my own fucking family.


~ by lizzardspit on June 8, 2012.

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