Sun baithing.

Went to the lake today. Laid put on the beach for two hours just reading a book. It was lovely. I wish I lived closer to this so I could do it more often. A lawn chair in my front yard will have to suffice.
Anyway. My sam-E hasn’t started working yet. My body still hurts. I can’t take my pain meds because they’ve been giving me kick back migraines. I’ve been getting this weird thing that I can only describe as a heat rash on my knees that I have to tell my doctor about.
Up notes, the sam-E hasn’t made my depression any worse yet! It may not affect it at all. Now I’ve just got to wait and see if it will work for my joints.
In fact there gos my ankle spassming.
I’m going to go lay down.
Just felt like I needed to make an update.


~ by lizzardspit on April 12, 2012.

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