Don’t tell me shit like that.

Don’t say you miss me, still love me, all the bullshit! I told you when this all started going down to make sure she was what you wanted. I told you! But you’ve never been good at listening have you. Come on now. Do you really think we can magically make this work now? Do you know how much for an idiot I look like if I take you back??? With the bullshit I’ve done and the bull shit you’ve pulled we can’t trust each other. I sure as hell can’t trust you. I tried and tried and worked at it and never gave up, but you gave up. You’re the one who ultimately was the cause for us ending. You may not want to admit that you lied but you sure as hell didn’t tell me the truth. I trusted you. Even after all the other things you did. I forgave everything! You think I did it because I did something worse with her, but I didn’t. You know everything that happened. I forgave you because I love you.
But how can I forgive you now.


~ by lizzardspit on March 5, 2012.

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