I’ll never admit it to anyone but I’m really hurt… Everything hurts. Everything I do makes me think of her and then all I can do is think of her with that skank. I knew she’d forget me, I knew she’d find someone better… Everyone always does. Everyone.. And it hurts so much. she promised she wouldn’t. She promised…
It all hurts so much. Because I love her so fucking much and she couldn’t even be straight with me. She couldn’t just say she wanted to be with her. Or ya know that she’s been with her for a while now. She can’t even tell me the truth. Not even now. She just acts oblivious like I’m making i all up. Doesn’t this girl at least deserve to know you’ve played her too??? I think she does. But you won’t tell her. You’ll use her and throw her away. Just watch. And I won’t be here. I can’t be. For my sake I can’t be.
Fuck this is horrible. Who the fuck does this to someone they love?
This is not what I did to her and I know she’s doing it all to get back at me. It’s going to bite her in the ass and I hope she realizes what she’s thrown away. God I hope she does.
I’m just so angry and sad… I’m trying so hard not to let myself spiral down again. I’ll give it a few more days. I can act like I don’t care in front of people all I want. I do care. I care a lot. It’s not even like she told me herself. I had to find out by some random person on facebook messaging me. AND THEN SHE PRACTICALLY DENIES IT! Like she was going to KEEP playing me. Bullshit man. No.
Idk. i just don’t know..


~ by lizzardspit on February 3, 2012.

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