Dear person who’s feeding my lovely girlfriend bullshit,

I know you’ve been in my facebook account. I know you have to be someone I thought I could trust. I know you read this blog. I just want you to know that you’ve had no effect. I was going to tell her yesterday anyway. Your small inconvenience was just that, an inconvenience. I’m not sure what I did to you to make you do these things to me, and my girlfriend. I know that I’m a terrible person and a shitty girlfriend but what could I have possibly done to you to make you do these things? I would appreciate it if you would reveal yourself to me. I know you probably also know my tumblr account. You don’t have to have an account there to send asks. You can send one anonymously and I can’t really track it back to you. the link is Just pop something in there. Let me know who you are, what I did to you, why you’re doing this. That’s all I ask.


~ by lizzardspit on December 29, 2011.

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