i don’t feel so well today. i’m cramping up a fucking storm. other wise i’m good though. mentally i feel good so that’s good. i am a little irritated that the MAC collection i’ve been waiting for is supposed to launch today and it’s not on there web sight yet. there’s a lipstick i’m ordering. i really shouldn’t. but i’m going to anyway. it’s a limited addition and will look amazing on my skin so. fuck it. i’m working on finding a job. i have a few applications to bring in. so that’s good. hopefully someone will call me.

My friend asian is leaving for the navy in a month. I’m really worried about him. I mean i know he’s going into the medical field so he’s got quite a bit of stuff to go through before he’s in the field or anything but still. I have to many people i care for going into the military. :/ i get that it’s there lives what they want to do or whatever but idk. it’s just un settling i suppose. i’ll get over it.

I think if ican find a job i’ll be much better. i’ll have some money and i can work harder on finding a car. i’ll be able to go out with friends and such a bit more which will be nice.

i’m out of things to talk about. i just felt like i needed to make a post. i need to post here more often. we’ll see.


~ by lizzardspit on April 7, 2011.

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